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J & J Carpet Cleaning Ltd. reserves the rights to change the Terms and Conditions in any time only if both sides, the provider and client, come to this agreement together. Please, make sure you read the Terms and Conditions carefully.


Client – an individual who is acting for purposes which are mainly outside his trade, business of profession.
Provider – J & J Carpet Cleaning Carpet which provides the services for you
Provider’s Equipment – any cleaning equipment and materials to be provided by the Provider

1. Quotation and Prices

1.1 All of the prices listed on the website are final and we do not charge any extra costs
1.2 We use our own chemicals and materials and do not charge any extra costs for them
1.3 The prices are negotiable in cases when the property is either too big or too dirty
1.4 We reserve the rights to change the prices if we estimate an extra work need to be done. The client will be notified about that in advance
1.5 The client must provide access to Electricity and Water
1.6 For Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning, there is a minimum charge of 60GBP per visit.
Congestion Charge and Parking fees may apply

2. Client’s Obligations

2.1 The client must provide the company with accurate information about the property, its condition and measurements in order to calculate the price for the service that needs to be done
2.2 The client must inform the provider for any items or furniture which do not need cleaning in the booking form
2.3 The client has to inform the provider with information about any animal’s or children’s present at his property, whilst the cleaner is on site in order to carry out an efficient service. Under no circumstances the shall the cleaner accept any responsibility for the care of any children or animas at the property.
2.4 The client must do a correct booking for the service which he/she wants to receive

Provider’s Obligations

2.1 We do not make refunds if the client is not satisfied with the end results. However, we must come back and clean the property until the client is fully satisfied with no extra costs.
2.2 We do not pay any costs of damaged furniture or technology if it has already been damaged before our arrival 

2.3 We check the whole property of any damages with the client before we start the cleaning process

3. Payments

3.1 All payments must be done in cash, by bank transfer or online on the website after completion of job.

3.2 The client has up to 28 days to make a payment. 
3.3 For any cancellations up to 24 hours before the booking, the consumer will be charged by the provider with the amount of 50GBP

4. Liability

J & J Carpet Cleaning reserves the rights NOT to be LIABLE for the following:

4.1 Not to make any additional services which had not been listed on our checklist
4.2 Not to do the services if any third party is present without noticing our cleaners in advance
4.3 Any Damages caused by Faulty Materials, Equipment or Chemicals Provided by the Customer

4.4 Damage to items caused by the following:

-Highly Breakable Fragile Items, if they have not been Removed or Secured by the Customer.
-To Software, Digital Content or Data of any Computer, Laptop or Similar Devices.
-Mechanical or Electrical Damages to any Appliance unless there is Evidence of External Impact
-Deterioration, Wear and Tear, Leakages
-To any Jewelry, Precious Stones or Metals, Securities, Deeds, Money, Coins, or Collections of any Similar Kind
-To Pets, whether in a Cage, Tank or Carrier.
-Any Plant Life
-Any Food or Drink


J & J Carpet Cleaning is LIABLE for the following:

4.1 A. Keeping Customer Information confidential
4.2 B. The Repair of any Damaged Area or Item Caused by a member of our Staff. A Representative of J & J Carpet Cleaning will need to visit the Property to Assess the Damages and Determine whether the Repair is Possible. If the Area or Item is not Repairable the provider will credit the Customer with the items present Cash Value toward a ‘Like for Like Replacement’ upon Payment of the Cleaning Service.

5. Customer Satisfaction

 5.1 If the client is not fully satisfied with the result, Professional Cleaning London will send a maid to re-clean the property with no extra charges.

6. Cancellations

Customer’s right to make Cancellation:
6.1 Consumer may cancel any of the pre-booked Services without charge up to 24 hours before the start of the services by contacting the Provider. A confirmation email will be sent to the consumer if the cancellation is being confirmed by the Provider.
6.2 If the client wants to re-schedule the booking that must happen 48hours before the date of the booking
6.3 If the consumer wants to cancel the booking less than 24 hours before that, we keep the right to charge the amount of 50GBP

Provider’s rights to cancel any services for the following reasons:
6.1 A. Our staff are in any way Verbally or Physically Abused or Discriminated against
6.1 B. The Consumer has Misrepresented any Facts/Information about the Property
6.1 C. The Property’s condition is hazardous to the health and well-being of our cleaners

Changes to these Terms and Conditions:
These terms may be amended by J & j Carpet Cleaning from time to time in its sole discretion. By way of example only, this may be necessary to:

1. Reflect operational changes to the provision of the Services
2. Correct an obvious error
3. Reflect changes in rates and/or prices
4. Comply with changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirement

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