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Cleaning Services to covering All needs ranging from Steam cleaning to stain removal.
Prices starting from as little as £30 per room. For further prices tailored to you please do contact us.

Stain Removal

 Depending on the type of stain, the material of the fabric, and the age of the stain,  We are confident we can tackle every stain and produce the best possible outcome, Although we cannot guarantee all stains will come out, we will use all our experience to do our best! Please call to receive a quote for this.

Commercial Spaces  (Offices, Clubs,Sports,School and more) 

£3 per square metre Prices for certain areas may vary due to congestion charge, parking, etc.
Minimum call-out charge is £80

Fogging Services


We charge £1.50 - £2 based on the size of the property/workplace.

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